Brand values and reputation are key to any business. In a very crowded market it's the brands that best connect with their followers that are performing. 

We list a number of branding agencies and service providers that we believe provide their customers the edge they need to stand out and be trusted.

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We do not believe in the existing text book definitions of "marketing".  Travel Marketing to us means the fusion of different practitioners that make travel brands, products and services succeed.

These are "Scientists" dealing with data, facts and insights; "Artists" promoting brand values, shaping emotions & driving communications; "Relationship Builders" in sales, CRM & loyalty, social media and customer support and "Technologists" that provide the platforms and distribution capabilities for their colleagues.

It's not about a text book definition.   It's about the people and teams that make great brands, products and services in the travel industry.




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The Travel Marketing Directory
The aim of this directory is to connect the best travel marketing service providers with buyers who are seeking to find new services and suppliers.  Our goal is to discover and promote excellence in travel marketing services.


The explosion of distribution capability driven by the internet and mobile technologies has also created a new level of marketing science.  Most companies are scrabbling to find solutions and people to staff up data analytical functions.  The "science" of data analysis is now again in fashion as it was when computing in the company became mainstream 25 years ago.

BUT the scale is beyond compare.   Back then, large spreadsheets and resource management tools were a huge step forward but the revolution in analysing consumer driven BIG DATA is creating a new set of tools for business support.

We list here those suppliers that we believe are at the vanguard of scientific analysis of Travel Marketing.

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Marketing Companies​:  the marketplace for travel marketing services


Travel Technology is an immensely exciting and fast moving topic. 

There are no business processes that do not involve technology and today the travel scientists, artists and relationship builders are completely dependent upon it. 

In our magazine and events we feature, large and small businesses that we believe are at the forefront of Travel Technology


"It is relationships that sell".  Travel has become in many respects a commodity market.   Meta search engines have reduced the procurement process for hotels and airlines into a cut throat "who stands out with the best price" battle.

Building sustainable loyalty is critical to creating a repeatable and sensible margins.  Those in the front line that deal with building these relationships, whether it is B2B distribution or B2C direct selling, require tools and the right attitude. 

We list some of the third party providers that have made a difference to their customers in enabling successful relationship building.  These include CRM & Loyalty providers, call centre technology providers, social media services companies and sales force effectiveness consultancies.

The Travel Marketing Directory connects buyers with providers. It is the market place for travel marketing services.

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The new travel marketing mix

the fusion of science, art, technology and relationship building

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