The Travel Marketing Digest provides a round-up of the most important travel marketing stories, reports and insights over a 3-4 week period.  We also feature travel marketing case studies.

The Digest has a distribution of over 10,000 travel marketing professionals.

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The Travel Marketing Digest provides a regular round up of leading travel marketing stories.

The Travel Marketing Digest: Email Marketing

top stories, companies, reports and insights shaping the travel industry

‚ÄčEffective third party email marketing can be a great way to get travel marketing companies noticed.  We can help with direct marketing efforts through simple advertisements and editorial coverage.

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Iranian Tourism Digest

before during and after the recent Travel Marketing Store participation in the Kaspid Digital Marketing in Tourism conference in Iran we have been gathering a collection of top media coverage for Iranian Tourism.  Get the Flipboard application and read the latest coverage on this dynamic tourism market.

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